Create 2 Educate Fundraising Contest

We’re nearing the final stretch of fundraising for the Free High School campus, which is due to be completed before classes begin next February! The second building is looking great, but we still need to raise the money to install folding walls so it can be used as an auditorium. That’s why we’re asking you for help!

How is art involved?

We want you to show us your vision of a world where every person regardless of gender or age has access to education. Use any creative medium — art, photography, poetry, song, interpretive dance, menstrual hygiene product sculptures… you name it! Create the thing, show everyone you know (and ask them for money), and submit it to us.

How do I submit my entry?

You can submit your entry to us using this form.

Please note that you need to have raised at least $10 USD for Dreams 2 Acts: Nicaragua for your entry to qualify.

How do I win and what are the prizes?

We’ll choose our favorite, Misha (our co-founder) will choose his favorite, and RJ will choose one more. Then Misha will read/recreate/reenact these three on a Facebook livestream! Should be hilarious.

The winners will each receive a journal (signed by Misha), a bookmark from Nicaragua (also signed by Misha), and a limited edition campus illustration print.

Where do I raise the funds?

Simply create a fundraising page here and send the link to your friends/family:

OR, as an optional act of kindness, read through the other team members’ pages, choose someone who’s trying to raise $5,000 USD and help them get there! (Have your donors make their donation to your chosen recipient’s Crowdrise page and make sure they put your name in the donation memo. And feel free to choose multiple recipients!)

Why raise funds for someone else’s page?

Good question! In order to qualify to go on next February’s trip, there is a $5,000 USD minimum fundraising requirement. A lot of the current team members have been trying to fundraise for many months already, but $5,000 USD is a lot and it’s hard work! If you fundraise for their page, you’ll be helping not only the students in Nicaragua but also a fellow fundraiser.

Of course, if you also want to try for a spot on the trip, you are absolutely welcome! The deadline to raise $5,000 USD is November 10. Even if you don’t make it to $5,000 USD, every $1,000 USD you raise by the deadline will get you one entry into a drawing to go on the trip. Please see the 2018 Volunteer Trip page for more information about the trip, age requirements, and what to expect.

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