Welcome to the blog! And meet Belkis, a Free High School graduate.

Welcome, and thank you for stopping by! We’re so excited to be embarking on a new major destination project, and we’re even more excited to have you along for the journey! This blog will contain campaign and project updates, stories of some of the people we’re helping, and of course the trip itself in November. I’m sure some of our fundraisers and volunteers will share their experiences as well.

It’s been less than three weeks since the official campaign launch, and we’ve already raised $45,000 and had four people qualify for the trip! We at Random Acts were always confident we’d be able to rally support, but this is even more successful so far than what we could have wished for. Thank you so much to all of our fundraisers and donors!

BelkisToday we want to share another success as well: Pictured is Belkis Guillen Espinoza, aged 30, receiving her English course certificate from the Keiser International Language Institute. Belkis was the top graduate of the Free High School in 2012. While studying there, she started a successful cooperative of women jam-makers in El Carrizal, the rural area where she grew up. She found a donor to build a kitchen for the community women, and she herself goes around selling the jams in local stores. The business is a true economic advance for many, and they make delicious gifts for visitors to bring home to family and friends.

Belkis has also applied her great energy and initiative to furthering her education and career. She currently works as a broker at a realty agency, while at the same time pursuing a bachelor degree in accounting at the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua in Managua on a scholarship from the A. Jean Brugger Foundation. She plans to become a CPA after that. Going on every Saturday, this will take seven years.

All of this began with the Free High School, and Random Acts is so happy to be able to support such a great organization and be a part of more success stories like this one. We hope you are too!

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